River life, birds, experiences for Biodiversity Week

River life, birds, experiences for Biodiversity Week

The very popular riverside talk by local water life expert Dr Jan Baars will feature again during Kildare Biodiversity Week 2018, which runs from Saturday 19 May until Sunday 27 May, writes Brian Byrne.

There will also be a talk on the nesting boxes for swifts which have been put up in a number of local places by 'Wild Kildare', along with a tour of the boxes.

Biodiversity Week is a great opportunity for people to get out and find out more about nature and wildlife in Kilcullen and the wider County Kildare. A number of events through the period will look at the variety of plant and animal species in the area and the interaction between them.

A good backgrounder to the event is the County Kildare Biodiversity Plan 2009-2014 which can be downloaded here.

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