Busy weekend in Kilcullen

Busy weekend in Kilcullen

We're going to have a really busy weekend in Kilcullen, if the Diary's Calendar is anything to go by, writes Brian Byrne.

This morning, round-the-world walker Anna Harrington is arriving at the Parish Centre at 10.15am as part of her mission to highlight how nearly a billion people on the planet don't have access to clean water. Music and poetry in the church before she sets off again.

This evening, the Lions Club are hosting their Senior Citizens Summer Social in the Parish Centre, with Mass beforehand for those who'd like to go.

Tomorrow kicks off with Halverstown NS First Communion, which will be held in Gormanstown Church.

Also in the morning, the Kildare West Wicklow SPCA are holding a Book & CD Sale in the Heritage Centre.

In the afternoon, Dr Jan Baars will be conducting his annual riverside look at Life in the Liffey, a fascinating experience for children and adults alike, beginning at 3pm at the back of the Heritage Centre.

Through the day, the familiar purple hi-viz vests of Kilcullen Tidy Towns will be visible at the usual points for the Summer Street Collection, funds from which go towards the upcoming flowers displays for Kilcullen in Bloom.

On Sunday, a high point will be at 8.30pm when the 'At Your Service' episode featuring the refurbishment of The Hideout is being screened. More than 100 hours of filming distilled down into a half-hour programme is a fascinating thought.

And there's probably more stuff happening that we haven't caught up with. But that's Kilcullen ...

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