Kilcullen turnout in Referendum was 67pc

Kilcullen turnout in Referendum was 67pc

The final turnout in the Referendum in Kilcullen was 67pc, writes Brian Byrne.

There was a surge of voting in the final hours, from the 51pc who had come to cast their votes by 7pm.

At 4pm it had reached 35pc, while earlier at lunchtime today it was 24pc.

High levels have been reported from many parts of the country, where overall polling is described as 'brisk'.

The results of an exit poll announced on RTÉ's Late Late Show last night suggested an overwhelming 69pc-31pc result in favour of removing the 8th Amendment from the Constitution.

The poll was carried out by Behaviour & Attitudes for RTE.

The count proper begins this morning and the result will be known later in the day.

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