They close several pages to descargar mp3 from YouTube

They close several pages to descargar mp3 from YouTube

descargar mp3 YouTube is a platform dedicated to streaming video. However, it publishes songs with their
descargar mp3

corresponding video clip. And around it, since its inception, dozens of web portals descargar mp3 that allows, through a URL of YouTube, take the source file-video, of course-convert it to MP3 music and download it locally Something that, while YouTube can not monetize, is against its policy - and the protection of copyright. The fight against these sites of MP3 download has been long, and there is still a lot, but they have managed to close several.
Several entities, charged with defending copyright, filed a legal action against YouTube-MP3 some time ago, as we mentioned previously. And they focused especially against this portal for being the most important, according to its volume of users and level of activity. Before Justice could take action on the case, the portal decided to close voluntarily about a year ago. And this was a major success for the organizations behind the music and the rights of the artists, at the same time that it introduced a great pressure on the similar websites; Pages like, and have ended up throwing in the towel.
YouTube has achieved that, after years of struggle, several MP3 download websites end up without Justice having come to act against them
In these web pages, which have several million monthly visitors, you can read a message to those who, until now, had been using their services. Each portal has its corresponding message to its users, but basically they announce that the service has been disabled due to pressures. In all cases reference is made to the legal problems they have gone through. In any case, these three web pages are just some of the largest, but far from the only ones. And when something similar has happened with the torrent sites, others have automatically grown that did not have a leading role in their panorama.
From here, it is very likely that everything will continue exactly the same, while users continue to have alternative sites where they can continue to download YouTube music in MP3. So, although the music industry may consider this a success, there is little doubt that it will change in practice.

descargar mp3

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